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Here are photos of our dogs from the past, the present, and young hopefuls for the future.
We have also included some dogs that we have shown for others, as well as some dogs of our breeding.
(please click on the photo for a larger image)


Ch. Paxon's Amelia Bedelia

Ch. Paxon's Annie Get Your Gun

Ch. Paxon's Dancer's Image

Ch. Paxon's Dancin' Machine

Ch. Paxon's Cicada.JPG (18083 bytes)
Ch Paxon's Cicada

Ch. Paxon's Fascinatin' Rhythm

Ch. Paxon's Iron Maiden.JPG (18146 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Iron Maiden

Ch. Paxon's Jesse James.JPG (16341 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Jesse James

Ch. Paxon's Joker's Wild.JPG (29247 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Joker's Wild

Ch. Paxon's Kylemore Riverdance.JPG (19554 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Kylemore RiverDance

Ch. Paxon's Matt Dillon.JPG (13773 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Matt Dillon

Ch Paxon's Post Script

Ch. KitEHawk's Black Tie Affair

Ch. Paxon's Sharp Shooter.JPG (18619 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Sharp Shooter

Ch. Paxon's Terrible Tillie.JPG (17015 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Terrible Tillie

Ch. Paxon's Starry Night.JPG (17849 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Starry Night

Ch. Paxon's Rough Rider.JPG (47502 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Rough Rider

Ch. Blu Star's Kerri Dancer

Ch. Paxon's Northern Dancer.JPG (17130 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Northern Dancer

Ch.Paxon's Carbon Copy.JPG (17323 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Carbon Copy

Ch. Paxon's I'm a Pistol.JPG (16899 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's I'm A Pistol

Ch. Paxon's Lady of the Lake CD, CGC

Ch. Paxon's I'm a Little Wild  at 7 yrs.JPG (14606 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's I'm A Little Wild

fin ch paxon's merry blue starlet.JPG (29640 bytes)
Fin. Ch. Paxon's Merry Blue Starlet

Ch. Paxon's Formal Attire

Ch.Paxon's Relector copy.JPG (20306 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Reflector

ch paxon's spin to win.JPG (32722 bytes)
Ch Paxon's Spin To Win'swildaboutyou.JPG (28936 bytes)
Can.Ch. Paxon's Wild About You

Ch. Paxon's Irish Tenor

Ch. Paxon's Blue Denim Ash

Ch Paxon's Wild Card.JPG (43590 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Wild Card

Ch. Paxon's Lucky Charm O'Rockwell

Ch. Paxon's As Good As It Gets

Lucy-Longshore-Southport.jpg (69235 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's RSVP

Ch. Paxon's If Looks Could Kill

Chubby-Riverhead.jpg (64671 bytes)
Ch. Paxon's Mischievous

Ch. Paxon's Jewel of Ireland

Ch. Paxon's Kylemore BB WBY

Ch. Paxon's Majestic Thane O'Cawdor

Ch. Paxon's Blue Diamond

Ch. Paxon's Life of the Party

Ch. Paxon Sparklin' Fire Cracker

Ch. Paxon's Easy Does It

Ch. Paxon's Little Bit O'Luck

Ch. Paxon's Northern Lights

Ch. Paxon's Jorkaite Kori

Ch.Paxon's Easy Rider

Ch.Paxon's Tangwystl

Paxon's Master of Ceremonies

Paxon's Jet Setter

Int. Ch. Paxon's Penny's Pit

Ch. Rockwell's Got the Right One Baby

Ch. Rockwell's Angus McDuff

Paxon's Scarlett O'Hara.JPG (27457 bytes)
Paxon's Scarlet O'Hara

Ch.Paxon's Shall We Dance

Ch. Paxon's Belle of the Ball CD,CGC

Afton's Raven the Reiver

Ch.Dalton's Chukie's Wise Cracker

Paxon's Celebration at Camron's

Ch. Keriden's Beau Jangles

Ch. Keriwyr Blue Star O'Kip.JPG (20529 bytes)
Ch. Keriwyr Blue Star O'Kip

Ch Paxon's BonnieBlu WBY Shade

Ch. Rockwell's By Invitation Only

Ch. Paxon's Majestic Emerald Isle

Ch. Paxon's Troublemaker

Ch.Paxon's Havena Good Time

Swis.Ch. Paxon's Pasodoble

Ch. Paxon's Double Trouble

Can.Ch. Paxon's Lightning Strikes

Ch.Paxon's Queen of the Blues

Paxon's Ivy Day at Afton

Ch. Paxon's Blaithin

Ch.Paxon's Jacks or Better

Ch.Paxon's Songtree From Now On

Ch. Paxon's Rook of York

Ch. Paxon's Jumpin' Jack Flash

Ch. Paxon's Party Girl

Ch. Paxon's There's No Question

Ch. Paxon's Kastlekove Deja Blu

Paxon's Mister Royale

Ch. Paxon's Prince of Darkness

Ch. Paxon Elevation

Ch. Paxon's Path To Glory

Paxon's Something To Talk About

Paxon's MVP

Ch Paxon's Rumor Has It

Paxon's Darragh

Ch Paxon's Celtic Woman at Kilkee

Paxon's Tuilelaith

     Paxon's Ghost Dancer


Ch Paxon's Cosmopolitan Vintners Reserve

Paxon's Secret Affair

Paxon's Hanlon

Ch. Paxon's Duke De Richelieu

Ch. Paxon's Teagan

Ch.Paxon's Lord of The Dance

Paxon's Reagan-Lass

Ch. Paxon's O'Tis Prince of Ocean City

Ch. Paxon's The Devil Wears Prada

Ch.Paxon's The Truth Be Told

Am.,UKC CH Paxon's Lady Sapphire Lakeland Jewel

Ch. Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove

Ch.Paxon's Secret Agent

          Ch.Paxon's Fashionista

Ch.Paxon's Million Dollar Baby

Paxon's Archimedes

Ch.Paxon's My Kind of Krazy at Kastlekove

Paxon's Take It Tiger Lilly

        Ch. Paxon's Shenanigans


Ch. Paxon's Effervescent






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